Who am I?

It has always been in the cards that I would be taking care of children. Took care of both cousins and neighbors children since I was about 12 years old.

When I was 20, I was assistant in a small kindergarden in my hometown (Kvong), they urged me to apply for VIA college because I was natural with the children. I did so and four years later I was a trained nursery teacher. Since then I found that it is the youngest children my heart beats for, but as there are limited nurseries in Brande and therefore limited  positions, I decided to start my own private daycare.

With me, you get a warm, reassuring and super quiet nursery teacher to take care of your kids when you can not. We’re going to play, learn, goofing around and explore the world . Due to my education, I have experience with curricula etc., so we’re going to explore, be creative in order of the standards handed out by the government and much much more. Additionally, there will be pictures of our day, so you can see what we are doing during the day. I love to see what my own children have made during the day. This will – like in a nursery for example. – NOT take time from the kids, because as I see it, taking care of children is not a job but a lifestyle. So even though the daycare closes at 5 pm, I am not really off.

Privatly, I am married to Ulrik. In September 2009 we bought our house in Brande. We have 2 children; Noah from May 20012, who is in school and Anne from March 2014, who also is in school. From November 2018 our family also includes a King Charles Cavalier puppet.